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Cloud database made easy

Simplify your development

Scale seamlessly

NO more Postgres

NO more MySQL

NO more MongoDB

Store your application data in the cloud and access it anywhere, anytime.

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Web App

Manage all of your application's data right in your browser. The Crudly web app allows you to create, read, update and delete any entities in your tables.

Client Libraries

Check out the official Crudly NPM package for a simple way to access your data from your Node.js applications. More languages coming soon!


Access all of your application's data through our secure HTTP API. Wherever you are, whatever language you're using, you can access your data through simple HTTP requests.

Why Crudly?

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Hey 👋, I'm David, the creator of Crudly. I built Crudly because I was sick of having to build my own data layer for every project I worked on. I wanted something that I could just plug in and use, and that's exactly what Crudly is.



At Crudly, we believe in simplicity.
Just pay for your usage, everything else is free.


50,000 daily API requests
Up to 5 tables


10,000,000 daily API requests
Unlimited tables